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SPAction Struct Reference

#include <action.h>

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Public Member Functions

unsigned _anchored_refcount () const
void anchor () const
void operator delete (void *p)
void * operator new (std::size_t size, ScanPolicy scan=SCANNED, CollectionPolicy collect=AUTO) throw (std::bad_alloc)
void * operator new[] (std::size_t size, ScanPolicy scan=SCANNED, CollectionPolicy collect=AUTO) throw (std::bad_alloc)
NRObjectreference ()
void release () const
NRObjectunreference ()

Static Public Member Functions

static NRObjectalloc (NRType type)
template<typename T >
static void invoke_ctor (NRObject *object)

Public Attributes

unsigned active: 1
gchar * id
gchar * image
gchar * name
unsigned sensitive: 1
gchar * tip

Detailed Description

All the data that is required to be an action. This structure identifies the action and has the data to create menus and toolbars for the action

Definition at line 51 of file action.h.

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