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selection-chemistry.cpp File Reference

Miscellanous operations on selected items. More...

#include "selection-chemistry.h"
#include <gtkmm/clipboard.h>
#include "svg/svg.h"
#include "desktop.h"
#include "desktop-style.h"
#include "dir-util.h"
#include "selection.h"
#include "tools-switch.h"
#include "desktop-handles.h"
#include "message-stack.h"
#include "sp-item-transform.h"
#include "marker.h"
#include "sp-use.h"
#include "sp-textpath.h"
#include "sp-tspan.h"
#include "sp-tref.h"
#include "sp-flowtext.h"
#include "sp-flowregion.h"
#include "sp-image.h"
#include "text-editing.h"
#include "text-context.h"
#include "connector-context.h"
#include "sp-path.h"
#include "sp-conn-end.h"
#include "dropper-context.h"
#include <glibmm/i18n.h>
#include "libnr/nr-matrix-rotate-ops.h"
#include "libnr/nr-matrix-translate-ops.h"
#include "libnr/nr-scale-ops.h"
#include <libnr/nr-matrix-ops.h>
#include <2geom/transforms.h>
#include "xml/repr.h"
#include "xml/rebase-hrefs.h"
#include "style.h"
#include "document-private.h"
#include "sp-gradient.h"
#include "sp-gradient-reference.h"
#include "sp-linear-gradient-fns.h"
#include "sp-pattern.h"
#include "sp-radial-gradient-fns.h"
#include "gradient-context.h"
#include "sp-namedview.h"
#include "preferences.h"
#include "sp-offset.h"
#include "sp-clippath.h"
#include "sp-mask.h"
#include "file.h"
#include "helper/png-write.h"
#include "layer-fns.h"
#include "context-fns.h"
#include <map>
#include <cstring>
#include <string>
#include "helper/units.h"
#include "sp-item.h"
#include "box3d.h"
#include "persp3d.h"
#include "unit-constants.h"
#include "xml/simple-document.h"
#include "sp-filter-reference.h"
#include "gradient-drag.h"
#include "uri-references.h"
#include "libnr/nr-convert2geom.h"
#include "display/curve.h"
#include "display/canvas-bpath.h"
#include "inkscape-private.h"
#include "path-chemistry.h"
#include "ui/tool/control-point-selection.h"
#include "ui/tool/multi-path-manipulator.h"
#include "enums.h"
#include "sp-item-group.h"
#include "ui/tool/node-tool.h"
#include "ui/clipboard.h"

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namespace  Inkscape

Main Inkscape namespace.


void add_ids_recursive (std::vector< const gchar * > &ids, SPObject *obj)
static Geom::Point cornerFarthestFrom (Geom::Rect const &r, Geom::Point const &p)
static Geom::OptRect enclose_items (GSList const *items)
bool fit_canvas_to_drawing (SPDocument *doc, bool with_margins)
bool fit_canvas_to_selection (SPDesktop *desktop, bool with_margins)
void fit_canvas_to_selection_or_drawing (SPDesktop *desktop)
GSList * get_all_items (GSList *list, SPObject *from, SPDesktop *desktop, bool onlyvisible, bool onlysensitive, GSList const *exclude)
static void itemtree_map (void(*f)(SPItem *, SPDesktop *), SPObject *root, SPDesktop *desktop)
SPObjectprev_sibling (SPObject *child)
static void process_all (void(*f)(SPItem *, SPDesktop *), SPDesktop *dt, bool layer_only)
void scroll_to_show_item (SPDesktop *desktop, SPItem *item)
bool selection_contains_both_clone_and_original (Inkscape::Selection *selection)
bool selection_contains_original (SPItem *item, Inkscape::Selection *selection)
GSList * sp_degroup_list (GSList *items)
void sp_document_get_export_hints (SPDocument *doc, char const **filename, float *xdpi, float *ydpi)
void sp_edit_clear_all (SPDesktop *dt)
void sp_edit_invert (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_edit_invert_in_all_layers (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_edit_select_all (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_edit_select_all_full (SPDesktop *dt, bool force_all_layers, bool invert)
void sp_edit_select_all_in_all_layers (SPDesktop *desktop)
static SPGroupsp_item_list_common_parent_group (GSList const *items)
void sp_redo (SPDesktop *desktop, SPDocument *)
void sp_select_clone_original (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_apply_affine (Inkscape::Selection *selection, Geom::Matrix const &affine, bool set_i2d, bool compensate)
void sp_selection_clone (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_copy (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_copy_impl (GSList const *items, GSList **clip, Inkscape::XML::Document *xml_doc)
void sp_selection_copy_one (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr, Geom::Matrix full_t, GSList **clip, Inkscape::XML::Document *xml_doc)
void sp_selection_create_bitmap_copy (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_cut (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_delete (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_delete_impl (GSList const *items, bool propagate=true, bool propagate_descendants=true)
void sp_selection_duplicate (SPDesktop *desktop, bool suppressDone)
void sp_selection_edit_clip_or_mask (SPDesktop *, bool)
void sp_selection_get_export_hints (Inkscape::Selection *selection, char const **filename, float *xdpi, float *ydpi)
void sp_selection_group (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_group_impl (GSList *p, Inkscape::XML::Node *group, Inkscape::XML::Document *xml_doc, SPDocument *doc)
void sp_selection_item_next (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_item_prev (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_lower (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_lower_to_bottom (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_move (SPDesktop *desktop, gdouble dx, gdouble dy)
void sp_selection_move_relative (Inkscape::Selection *selection, Geom::Point const &move, bool compensate)
void sp_selection_move_relative (Inkscape::Selection *selection, double dx, double dy)
void sp_selection_move_screen (SPDesktop *desktop, gdouble dx, gdouble dy)
void sp_selection_next_patheffect_param (SPDesktop *dt)
void sp_selection_paste (SPDesktop *desktop, bool in_place)
GSList * sp_selection_paste_impl (SPDocument *doc, SPObject *parent, GSList **clip)
void sp_selection_paste_livepatheffect (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_paste_size (SPDesktop *desktop, bool apply_x, bool apply_y)
void sp_selection_paste_size_separately (SPDesktop *desktop, bool apply_x, bool apply_y)
void sp_selection_paste_style (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_raise (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_raise_to_top (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_relink (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_remove_filter (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_remove_livepatheffect (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_remove_livepatheffect_impl (SPItem *item)
void sp_selection_remove_transform (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_rotate (Inkscape::Selection *selection, gdouble const angle_degrees)
void sp_selection_rotate_90 (SPDesktop *desktop, bool ccw)
 Rotates selected objects 90 degrees, either clock-wise or counter-clockwise, depending on the value of ccw.
void sp_selection_rotate_relative (Inkscape::Selection *selection, Geom::Point const &center, gdouble const angle_degrees)
void sp_selection_rotate_screen (Inkscape::Selection *selection, gdouble angle)
void sp_selection_scale (Inkscape::Selection *selection, gdouble grow)
void sp_selection_scale_absolute (Inkscape::Selection *selection, double const x0, double const x1, double const y0, double const y1)
void sp_selection_scale_relative (Inkscape::Selection *selection, Geom::Point const &align, Geom::Scale const &scale)
void sp_selection_scale_screen (Inkscape::Selection *selection, gdouble grow_pixels)
void sp_selection_scale_times (Inkscape::Selection *selection, gdouble times)
void sp_selection_set_mask (SPDesktop *desktop, bool apply_clip_path, bool apply_to_layer)
 Creates a mask or clipPath from selection Two different modes: if applyToLayer, all selection is moved to DEFS as mask/clippath and is applied to current layer otherwise, topmost object is used as mask for other objects If apply_clip_path parameter is true, clipPath is created, otherwise mask.
void sp_selection_skew_relative (Inkscape::Selection *selection, Geom::Point const &align, double dx, double dy)
void sp_selection_tile (SPDesktop *desktop, bool apply)
void sp_selection_to_guides (SPDesktop *desktop)
static void sp_selection_to_guides_recursive (SPItem *item, bool deleteitem, bool wholegroups)
void sp_selection_to_marker (SPDesktop *desktop, bool apply)
void sp_selection_to_next_layer (SPDesktop *dt, bool suppressDone)
void sp_selection_to_prev_layer (SPDesktop *dt, bool suppressDone)
void sp_selection_ungroup (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_unlink (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_selection_unset_mask (SPDesktop *desktop, bool apply_clip_path)
void sp_selection_untile (SPDesktop *desktop)
void sp_undo (SPDesktop *desktop, SPDocument *)
SPCSSAttrtake_style_from_item (SPItem *item)
static void unhide (SPItem *item, SPDesktop *desktop)
void unhide_all (SPDesktop *dt)
void unhide_all_in_all_layers (SPDesktop *dt)
static void unlock (SPItem *item, SPDesktop *)
void unlock_all (SPDesktop *dt)
void unlock_all_in_all_layers (SPDesktop *dt)
void verb_fit_canvas_to_drawing (SPDesktop *desktop)
void verb_fit_canvas_to_selection (SPDesktop *const desktop)



Detailed Description

Miscellanous operations on selected items.

Definition in file selection-chemistry.cpp.

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