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/** \file
 * Interface between Inkscape code (SPItem) and remove-overlaps function.
* Authors:
*   Tim Dwyer <tgdwyer@gmail.com>
* Copyright (C) 2005 Authors
* Released under GNU LGPL.  Read the file 'COPYING' for more information.
#include "util/glib-list-iterators.h"
#include "sp-item.h"
#include "sp-item-transform.h"
#include "libvpsc/generate-constraints.h"
#include "libvpsc/remove_rectangle_overlap.h"
#include <utility>

using vpsc::Rectangle;

namespace {
      struct Record {
            SPItem *item;
            Geom::Point midpoint;
            Rectangle *vspc_rect;

            Record() {}
            Record(SPItem *i, Geom::Point m, Rectangle *r)
            : item(i), midpoint(m), vspc_rect(r) {}

* Takes a list of inkscape items and moves them as little as possible
* such that rectangular bounding boxes are separated by at least xGap
* horizontally and yGap vertically
00038 void removeoverlap(GSList const *const items, double const xGap, double const yGap) {
      using Inkscape::Util::GSListConstIterator;
      std::list<SPItem *> selected;
      selected.insert<GSListConstIterator<SPItem *> >(selected.end(), items, NULL);
      std::vector<Record> records;
      std::vector<Rectangle *> rs;

      Geom::Point const gap(xGap, yGap);
      for (std::list<SPItem *>::iterator it(selected.begin());
            it != selected.end();
            using Geom::X; using Geom::Y;
            Geom::OptRect item_box(sp_item_bbox_desktop(*it));
            if (item_box) {
                  Geom::Point min(item_box->min() - .5*gap);
                  Geom::Point max(item_box->max() + .5*gap);
                  // A negative gap is allowed, but will lead to problems when the gap is larger than
                  // the bounding box (in either X or Y direction, or both); min will have become max
                  // now, which cannot be handled by Rectangle() which is called below. And how will
                  // removeRectangleOverlap handle such a case?
                  // That's why we will enforce some boundaries on min and max here:
                  if (max[X] < min[X]) {
                        min[X] = max[X] = (min[X] + max[X])/2;
                  if (max[Y] < min[Y]) {
                        min[Y] = max[Y] = (min[Y] + max[Y])/2;
                  Rectangle *vspc_rect = new Rectangle(min[X], max[X], min[Y], max[Y]);
                  records.push_back(Record(*it, item_box->midpoint(), vspc_rect));
      if (!rs.empty()) {
            removeRectangleOverlap(rs.size(), &rs[0], 0.0, 0.0);
      for ( std::vector<Record>::iterator it = records.begin();
            it != records.end();
            ++it )
            Geom::Point const curr = it->midpoint;
            Geom::Point const dest(it->vspc_rect->getCentreX(),
            sp_item_move_rel(it->item, Geom::Translate(dest - curr));
            delete it->vspc_rect;

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