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void sp_file_revert_dialog (  )

Handle prompting user for "do you want to revert"? Revert on "OK"

Definition at line 277 of file file.cpp.

References Inkscape::MessageStack::flash(), SPDesktop::get_display_area(), Inkscape::UI::View::View::messageStack(), sp_file_open(), SPDocument::uri, SPDocument::virgin, and SPDesktop::zoom_absolute().

Referenced by Inkscape::FileVerb::perform().

    SPDesktop  *desktop = SP_ACTIVE_DESKTOP;
    g_assert(desktop != NULL);

    SPDocument *doc = sp_desktop_document(desktop);
    g_assert(doc != NULL);

    Inkscape::XML::Node     *repr = sp_document_repr_root(doc);
    g_assert(repr != NULL);

    gchar const *uri = doc->uri;
    if (!uri) {
        desktop->messageStack()->flash(Inkscape::ERROR_MESSAGE, _("Document not saved yet.  Cannot revert."));

    bool do_revert = true;
    if (doc->isModifiedSinceSave()) {
        gchar *text = g_strdup_printf(_("Changes will be lost!  Are you sure you want to reload document %s?"), uri);

        bool response = desktop->warnDialog (text);

        if (!response) {
            do_revert = false;

    bool reverted;
    if (do_revert) {
        // Allow overwriting of current document.
        doc->virgin = TRUE;

        // remember current zoom and view
        double zoom = desktop->current_zoom();
        Geom::Point c = desktop->get_display_area().midpoint();

        reverted = sp_file_open(uri,NULL);
        if (reverted) {
            // restore zoom and view
            desktop->zoom_absolute(c[Geom::X], c[Geom::Y], zoom);
    } else {
        reverted = false;

    if (reverted) {
        desktop->messageStack()->flash(Inkscape::NORMAL_MESSAGE, _("Document reverted."));
    } else {
        desktop->messageStack()->flash(Inkscape::ERROR_MESSAGE, _("Document not reverted."));

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