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Inkscape::LivePathEffect::Effect Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void acceptParamPath (SPPath *param_path)
int acceptsNumClicks ()
void addHandles (KnotHolder *knotholder, SPDesktop *desktop, SPItem *item)
void doAcceptPathPreparations (SPLPEItem *lpeitem)
virtual void doBeforeEffect (SPLPEItem *lpeitem)
virtual void doEffect (SPCurve *curve)
virtual void doOnApply (SPLPEItem *lpeitem)
void editNextParamOncanvas (SPItem *item, SPDesktop *desktop)
EffectType effectType ()
std::vector< Geom::PathVector > getHelperPaths (SPLPEItem *lpeitem)
LivePathEffectObjectgetLPEObj ()
Glib::ustring getName ()
ParametergetParameter (const char *key)
Inkscape::XML::NodegetRepr ()
SPDocumentgetSPDoc ()
bool isReady ()
bool isVisible ()
virtual Gtk::Widget * newWidget (Gtk::Tooltips *tooltips)
virtual LPEPathFlashType pathFlashType ()
bool providesKnotholder ()
bool providesOwnFlashPaths ()
void readallParameters (Inkscape::XML::Node *repr)
virtual void resetDefaults (SPItem *item)
void setParameter (const gchar *key, const gchar *new_value)
void setReady (bool ready=true)
bool showOrigPath ()
virtual void transform_multiply (Geom::Matrix const &postmul, bool set)
 /todo: is this method really necessary? it causes UI inconsistensies... (johan)
void writeParamsToSVG ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int acceptsNumClicks (EffectType type)
static void createAndApply (const char *name, SPDocument *doc, SPItem *item)
static void createAndApply (EffectType type, SPDocument *doc, SPItem *item)
static EffectNew (EffectType lpenr, LivePathEffectObject *lpeobj)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void addCanvasIndicators (SPLPEItem *lpeitem, std::vector< Geom::PathVector > &hp_vec)
void addKnotHolderEntities (KnotHolder *knotholder, SPDesktop *desktop, SPItem *item)
virtual std::vector< Geom::PathdoEffect_path (std::vector< Geom::Path > const &path_in)
virtual Geom::Piecewise
< Geom::D2< Geom::SBasis > > 
doEffect_pwd2 (Geom::Piecewise< Geom::D2< Geom::SBasis > > const &pwd2_in)
 Effect (LivePathEffectObject *lpeobject)
ParametergetNextOncanvasEditableParam ()
void registerKnotHolderHandle (KnotHolderEntity *entity, const char *descr)
void registerParameter (Parameter *param)

Protected Attributes

bool concatenate_before_pwd2
BoolParam is_visible
std::vector< std::pair
< KnotHolderEntity *, const
char * > > 
int oncanvasedit_it
std::vector< Parameter * > param_vector
bool show_orig_path
Inkscape::UI::Widget::Registry wr

Private Member Functions

 Effect (const Effect &)
Effectoperator= (const Effect &)

Private Attributes

bool is_ready
bool provides_own_flash_paths

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file effect.h.

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