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document.h File Reference

#include <glib-object.h>
#include <gtk/gtksignal.h>
#include <sigc++/sigc++.h>
#include <sigc++/class_slot.h>
#include "libcroco/cr-cascade.h"
#include <2geom/forward.h>
#include "gc-managed.h"
#include "gc-finalized.h"
#include "gc-anchored.h"
#include <glibmm/ustring.h>
#include "verbs.h"
#include <vector>
#include <set>
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class  SPDocument
 Typed SVG document implementation. More...


namespace  Avoid

The namespace used by code in the libavoid library.

namespace  Inkscape

Main Inkscape namespace.

namespace  Inkscape::XML

Inkscape XML tree


#define SP_DOCUMENT_BASE(d)   (d->base)
#define SP_DOCUMENT_NAME(d)   (d->name)
#define sp_document_repr_doc(d)   (d->rdoc)
#define sp_document_repr_root(d)   (d->rroot)
#define SP_DOCUMENT_ROOT(d)   (d->root)
#define sp_document_root(d)   (d->root)
#define SP_DOCUMENT_URI(d)   (d->uri)


gboolean sp_document_add_resource (SPDocument *document, const gchar *key, SPObject *object)
void sp_document_attr_changed (SPDocument *doc, SPObject *object, const gchar *key, const gchar *oldval, const gchar *newval)
void sp_document_cancel (SPDocument *document)
void sp_document_change_uri_and_hrefs (SPDocument *document, gchar const *uri)
void sp_document_child_added (SPDocument *doc, SPObject *object, Inkscape::XML::Node *child, Inkscape::XML::Node *ref)
void sp_document_child_removed (SPDocument *doc, SPObject *object, Inkscape::XML::Node *child, Inkscape::XML::Node *ref)
void sp_document_clear_redo (SPDocument *document)
void sp_document_clear_undo (SPDocument *document)
void sp_document_content_changed (SPDocument *doc, SPObject *object, const gchar *oldcontent, const gchar *newcontent)
SPDocumentsp_document_create (Inkscape::XML::Document *rdoc, gchar const *uri, gchar const *base, gchar const *name, unsigned int keepalive)
Geom::Point sp_document_dimensions (SPDocument *document)
void sp_document_done (SPDocument *document, unsigned int event_type, Glib::ustring event_description)
gint sp_document_ensure_up_to_date (SPDocument *doc)
const GSList * sp_document_get_resource_list (SPDocument *document, const gchar *key)
bool sp_document_get_undo_sensitive (SPDocument const *document)
SPItemsp_document_group_at_point (SPDocument *document, unsigned int key, Geom::Point const p)
gdouble sp_document_height (SPDocument *document)
SPItemsp_document_item_at_point (SPDocument *document, unsigned int key, Geom::Point const p, gboolean into_groups, SPItem *upto=NULL)
SPItemsp_document_item_from_list_at_point_bottom (unsigned int dkey, SPGroup *group, const GSList *list, Geom::Point const p, bool take_insensitive=false)
GSList * sp_document_items_at_points (SPDocument *document, unsigned const key, std::vector< Geom::Point > points)
GSList * sp_document_items_in_box (SPDocument *document, unsigned int dkey, Geom::Rect const &box)
void sp_document_maybe_done (SPDocument *document, const gchar *keyconst, unsigned int event_type, Glib::ustring event_description)
SPDocumentsp_document_new (const gchar *uri, unsigned int keepalive, bool make_new=false)
SPDocumentsp_document_new_from_mem (const gchar *buffer, gint length, unsigned int keepalive)
void sp_document_order_changed (SPDocument *doc, SPObject *object, Inkscape::XML::Node *child, Inkscape::XML::Node *oldref, Inkscape::XML::Node *newref)
GSList * sp_document_partial_items_in_box (SPDocument *document, unsigned int dkey, Geom::Rect const &box)
gboolean sp_document_redo (SPDocument *document)
SPDocumentsp_document_ref (SPDocument *doc)
gboolean sp_document_remove_resource (SPDocument *document, const gchar *key, SPObject *object)
void sp_document_request_modified (SPDocument *doc)
void sp_document_reset_key (Inkscape::Application *inkscape, SPDesktop *desktop, GtkObject *base)
void sp_document_resized_signal_emit (SPDocument *doc, gdouble width, gdouble height)
sigc::connection sp_document_resources_changed_connect (SPDocument *document, const gchar *key, SPDocument::ResourcesChangedSignal::slot_type slot)
void sp_document_set_height (SPDocument *document, gdouble height, const SPUnit *unit)
void sp_document_set_undo_sensitive (SPDocument *document, bool sensitive)
void sp_document_set_uri (SPDocument *document, gchar const *uri)
void sp_document_set_width (SPDocument *document, gdouble width, const SPUnit *unit)
gboolean sp_document_undo (SPDocument *document)
SPDocumentsp_document_unref (SPDocument *doc)
gdouble sp_document_width (SPDocument *document)
unsigned int vacuum_document (SPDocument *document)

Detailed Description

SPDocument: Typed SVG document implementation

Definition in file document.h.

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