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SPCurve Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void append (SPCurve const *curve2, bool use_lineto)
SPCurveappend_continuous (SPCurve const *c1, gdouble tolerance)
void backspace ()
void closepath ()
void closepath_current ()
SPCurvecopy () const
SPCurvecreate_reverse () const
void curveto (Geom::Point const &p0, Geom::Point const &p1, Geom::Point const &p2)
void curveto (gdouble x0, gdouble y0, gdouble x1, gdouble y1, gdouble x2, gdouble y2)
Geom::Path const * first_path () const
boost::optional< Geom::Pointfirst_point () const
Geom::Curve const * first_segment () const
Geom::PathVector const & get_pathvector () const
guint get_segment_count () const
bool is_closed () const
bool is_empty () const
Geom::Path const * last_path () const
boost::optional< Geom::Pointlast_point () const
void last_point_additive_move (Geom::Point const &p)
Geom::Curve const * last_segment () const
void lineto (gdouble x, gdouble y)
void lineto (Geom::Point const &p)
void move_endpoints (Geom::Point const &, Geom::Point const &)
void moveto (Geom::Point const &p)
void moveto (gdouble x, gdouble y)
guint nodes_in_path () const
boost::optional< Geom::Pointpenultimate_point () const
void quadto (Geom::Point const &p1, Geom::Point const &p2)
void quadto (gdouble x1, gdouble y1, gdouble x2, gdouble y2)
SPCurveref ()
void reset ()
boost::optional< Geom::Pointsecond_point () const
void set_pathvector (Geom::PathVector const &new_pathv)
 SPCurve (Geom::PathVector const &pathv)
 SPCurve ()
GSList * split () const
void stretch_endpoints (Geom::Point const &, Geom::Point const &)
void transform (Geom::Matrix const &m)
SPCurveunref ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SPCurveconcat (GSList const *list)
static SPCurvenew_from_rect (Geom::Rect const &rect, bool all_four_sides=false)

Protected Attributes

Geom::PathVector _pathv
gint _refcount

Private Member Functions

SPCurveoperator= (const SPCurve &)
 SPCurve (const SPCurve &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file curve.h.

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