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 * vim: ts=4 sw=4 et tw=0 wm=0
 * libavoid - Fast, Incremental, Object-avoiding Line Router
 * Copyright (C) 2005-2009  Monash University
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * See the file LICENSE.LGPL distributed with the library.
 * Licensees holding a valid commercial license may use this file in
 * accordance with the commercial license agreement provided with the 
 * library.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * Author(s):   Tim Dwyer  <Tim.Dwyer@csse.monash.edu.au>
 * --------------
 * This file contains a slightly modified version of Solver() from libvpsc:
 * A solver for the problem of Variable Placement with Separation Constraints.
 * It has the following changes from the Adaptagrams VPSC version:
 *  -  The required VPSC code has been consolidated into a single file.
 *  -  Unnecessary code (like Solver) has been removed.
 *  -  The PairingHeap code has been replaced by a STL priority_queue.
 * Modifications:  Michael Wybrow  <mjwybrow@users.sourceforge.net>


#include <vector>
#include <list>
#include <set>
#include <queue>

namespace Avoid {

class Variable;
class Constraint;
typedef std::vector<Variable*> Variables;
typedef std::vector<Constraint*> Constraints;
00051 class CompareConstraints {
    bool operator() (Constraint *const &l, Constraint *const &r) const;
00055 struct PositionStats {
    PositionStats() : scale(0), AB(0), AD(0), A2(0) {}
    void addVariable(Variable* const v);
    double scale;
    double AB;
    double AD;
    double A2;

typedef std::priority_queue<Constraint*,std::vector<Constraint*>,
        CompareConstraints> Heap;

00067 class Block
    typedef Variables::iterator Vit;
    typedef Constraints::iterator Cit;
    typedef Constraints::const_iterator Cit_const;

    friend std::ostream& operator <<(std::ostream &os,const Block &b);
    Variables *vars;
    double posn;
    //double weight;
    //double wposn;
    PositionStats ps;
    Block(Variable* const v=NULL);
    Constraint* findMinLM();
    Constraint* findMinLMBetween(Variable* const lv, Variable* const rv);
    Constraint* findMinInConstraint();
    Constraint* findMinOutConstraint();
    void deleteMinInConstraint();
    void deleteMinOutConstraint();
    void updateWeightedPosition();
    void merge(Block *b, Constraint *c, double dist);
    Block* merge(Block *b, Constraint *c);
    void mergeIn(Block *b);
    void mergeOut(Block *b);
    void split(Block *&l, Block *&r, Constraint *c);
    Constraint* splitBetween(Variable* vl, Variable* vr, Block* &lb, Block* &rb);
    void setUpInConstraints();
    void setUpOutConstraints();
    double cost();
    bool deleted;
    long timeStamp;
    Heap *in;
    Heap *out;
    bool getActivePathBetween(Constraints& path, Variable const* u,
               Variable const* v, Variable const *w) const;
    bool isActiveDirectedPathBetween(
            Variable const* u, Variable const* v) const;
    bool getActiveDirectedPathBetween(Constraints& path, Variable const * u, Variable const * v) const;
    typedef enum {NONE, LEFT, RIGHT} Direction;
    typedef std::pair<double, Constraint*> Pair;
    void reset_active_lm(Variable* const v, Variable* const u);
    void list_active(Variable* const v, Variable* const u);
    double compute_dfdv(Variable* const v, Variable* const u);
    double compute_dfdv(Variable* const v, Variable* const u, Constraint *&min_lm);
    bool split_path(Variable*, Variable* const, Variable* const, 
            Constraint* &min_lm, bool desperation);
    bool canFollowLeft(Constraint const* c, Variable const* last) const;
    bool canFollowRight(Constraint const* c, Variable const* last) const;
    void populateSplitBlock(Block *b, Variable* v, Variable const* u);
    void addVariable(Variable* v);
    void setUpConstraintHeap(Heap* &h,bool in);

class Constraint;
typedef std::vector<Constraint*> Constraints;
00126 class Variable
    friend std::ostream& operator <<(std::ostream &os, const Variable &v);
    friend class Block;
    friend class Constraint;
    friend class IncSolver;
    int id; // useful in log files
    double desiredPosition;
    double finalPosition;
    double weight; // how much the variable wants to 
                   // be at it's desired position
    double scale; // translates variable to another space
    double offset;
    Block *block;
    bool visited;
    bool fixedDesiredPosition;
    Constraints in;
    Constraints out;
    char *toString();
    inline Variable(const int id, const double desiredPos=-1.0, 
            const double weight=1.0, const double scale=1.0)
        : id(id)
        , desiredPosition(desiredPos)
        , weight(weight)
        , scale(scale)
        , offset(0)
        , block(NULL)
        , visited(false)
        , fixedDesiredPosition(false)
    double dfdv() const {
        return 2. * weight * ( position() - desiredPosition );
    double position() const {
        return (block->ps.scale*block->posn+offset)/scale;

00168 class Constraint
    friend std::ostream& operator <<(std::ostream &os,const Constraint &c);
    Variable *left;
    Variable *right;
    double gap;
    double lm;
    Constraint(Variable *left, Variable *right, double gap, bool equality=false);
    double slack() const;
    long timeStamp;
    bool active;
    const bool equality;
    bool unsatisfiable;
 * A block structure defined over the variables such that each block contains
 * 1 or more variables, with the invariant that all constraints inside a block
 * are satisfied by keeping the variables fixed relative to one another
00189 class Blocks : public std::set<Block*>
    Blocks(Variables const &vs);
    void mergeLeft(Block *r);
    void mergeRight(Block *l);
    void split(Block *b, Block *&l, Block *&r, Constraint *c);
    std::list<Variable*> *totalOrder();
    void cleanup();
    double cost();
    void dfsVisit(Variable *v, std::list<Variable*> *order);
    void removeBlock(Block *doomed);
    Variables const &vs;
    int nvs;

extern long blockTimeCtr;

00209 struct UnsatisfiableException {
    Constraints path;
00212 struct UnsatisfiedConstraint {
    UnsatisfiedConstraint(Constraint& c):c(c) {}
    Constraint& c;
 * Variable Placement with Separation Constraints problem instance
00219 class IncSolver {
    unsigned splitCnt;
    bool satisfy();
    bool solve();
    void moveBlocks();
    void splitBlocks();
    IncSolver(Variables const &vs, Constraints const &cs);

    Variables const & getVariables() { return vs; }
    Blocks *bs;
    unsigned m;
    Constraints const &cs;
    unsigned n;
    Variables const &vs;
    void printBlocks();
    void copyResult();
    bool constraintGraphIsCyclic(const unsigned n, Variable* const vs[]);
    bool blockGraphIsCyclic();
    Constraints inactive;
    Constraints violated;
    Constraint* mostViolated(Constraints &l);

00246 struct delete_object
    template <typename T>
    void operator()(T *ptr){ delete ptr;}


#endif // AVOID_VPSC_H

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