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Public Attributes

NRArenaItemClass Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

void(* add_child )(NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *child, NRArenaItem *ref)
NRArenaItem *(* children )(NRArenaItem *item)
void(* cinit )(NRObjectClass *)
unsigned int(* clip )(NRArenaItem *item, NRRectL *area, NRPixBlock *pb)
void(* cpp_ctor )(NRObject *object)
unsigned int csize
void(* finalize )(NRObject *object)
void(* iinit )(NRObject *)
unsigned int isize
NRArenaItem *(* last_child )(NRArenaItem *item)
gchar * name
NRArenaItem *(* pick )(NRArenaItem *item, Geom::Point p, double delta, unsigned int sticky)
void(* remove_child )(NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *child)
unsigned int(* render )(cairo_t *ct, NRArenaItem *item, NRRectL *area, NRPixBlock *pb, unsigned int flags)
void(* set_child_position )(NRArenaItem *item, NRArenaItem *child, NRArenaItem *ref)
NRType type
unsigned int(* update )(NRArenaItem *item, NRRectL *area, NRGC *gc, unsigned int state, unsigned int reset)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 123 of file nr-arena-item.h.

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