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Public Attributes

Inkscape::XML::NodeEventVector Struct Reference

Structure holding callbacks for node state changes. More...

#include <node-event-vector.h>

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Public Attributes

void(* attr_changed )(Node *repr, const gchar *key, const gchar *oldval, const gchar *newval, bool is_interactive, void *data)
void(* child_added )(Node *repr, Node *child, Node *ref, void *data)
void(* child_removed )(Node *repr, Node *child, Node *ref, void *data)
void(* content_changed )(Node *repr, const gchar *oldcontent, const gchar *newcontent, void *data)
void(* order_changed )(Node *repr, Node *child, Node *oldref, Node *newref, void *data)

Detailed Description

Structure holding callbacks for node state changes.

Derive an observer object from the NodeObserver class instead

Definition at line 28 of file node-event-vector.h.

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