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nr-filter-utils.h File Reference

#include "round.h"
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namespace  Inkscape

Main Inkscape namespace.


#define CLAMP_D_TO_U8(v)   (unsigned char) clamp((int)round((v)))
#define CLAMP_D_TO_U8_ALPHA(v, a)   (unsigned char) clamp_alpha((int)round((v)),(a))


 Inkscape::Filters::__attribute__ ((const)) inline int clamp(int const val)

Detailed Description

filter utils. Definition of functions needed by several filters.

Authors: Jean-Rene Reinhard <jr@komite.net>

Copyright (C) 2007 authors

Released under GNU GPL, read the file 'COPYING' for more information

Definition in file nr-filter-utils.h.

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