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dialog.h File Reference

Base class for dialogs in Inkscape. More...

#include <gtkmm/dialog.h>
#include <gtkmm/tooltips.h>
#include "dock-behavior.h"
#include "floating-behavior.h"
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class  Inkscape::UI::Dialog::Dialog
 Base class for Inkscape dialogs This class provides certain common behaviors and styles wanted of all dialogs in the application. Fundamental parts of the dialog's behavior are controlled by a Dialog::Behavior subclass instance connected to the dialog. More...


namespace  Inkscape

Main Inkscape namespace.

namespace  Inkscape::UI

User interface code.

namespace  Inkscape::UI::Dialog

Dialog code.


enum  BehaviorType { FLOATING, DOCK }


void Inkscape::UI::Dialog::sp_dialog_shutdown (GtkObject *, gpointer dlgPtr)
void Inkscape::UI::Dialog::sp_retransientize (Inkscape::Application *, SPDesktop *desktop, gpointer dlgPtr)
gboolean Inkscape::UI::Dialog::sp_retransientize_again (gpointer dlgPtr)

Detailed Description

Base class for dialogs in Inkscape.

Definition in file dialog.h.

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