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cr-sel-eng.h File Reference

#include "cr-utils.h"
#include "cr-stylesheet.h"
#include "cr-cascade.h"
#include "cr-style.h"
#include "cr-prop-list.h"
#include "cr-node-iface.h"
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struct  _CRSelEng


typedef gboolean(* CRPseudoClassSelectorHandler )(CRSelEng *a_this, CRAdditionalSel *a_add_sel, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
typedef typedefG_BEGIN_DECLS
struct _CRSelEng 
typedef struct _CRSelEngPriv CRSelEngPriv


void cr_sel_eng_destroy (CRSelEng *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_get_matched_properties_from_cascade (CRSelEng *a_this, CRCascade *a_cascade, CRXMLNodePtr a_node, CRPropList **a_props)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_get_matched_rulesets (CRSelEng *a_this, CRStyleSheet *a_sheet, CRXMLNodePtr a_node, CRStatement ***a_rulesets, gulong *a_len)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_get_matched_style (CRSelEng *a_this, CRCascade *a_cascade, CRXMLNodePtr a_node, CRStyle *a_parent_style, CRStyle **a_style, gboolean a_set_props_to_initial_values)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_get_pseudo_class_selector_handler (CRSelEng *a_this, char *a_pseudo_class_sel_name, enum CRPseudoType a_pseudo_class_type, CRPseudoClassSelectorHandler *a_handler)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_matches_node (CRSelEng *a_this, CRSimpleSel *a_sel, CRXMLNodePtr a_node, gboolean *a_result)
CRSelEng * cr_sel_eng_new (void)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_register_pseudo_class_sel_handler (CRSelEng *a_this, char *a_pseudo_class_sel_name, enum CRPseudoType a_pseudo_class_type, CRPseudoClassSelectorHandler a_handler)
void cr_sel_eng_set_node_iface (CRSelEng *a_this, CRNodeIface const *)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_unregister_all_pseudo_class_sel_handlers (CRSelEng *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_unregister_pseudo_class_sel_handler (CRSelEng *a_this, char *a_pseudo_class_sel_name, enum CRPseudoType a_pseudo_class_type)

Detailed Description

The declaration of the CRSelEng class. The CRSelEng is actually the "Selection Engine" class.

Definition in file cr-sel-eng.h.

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