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cr-sel-eng.c File Reference

#include <string.h>
#include "cr-sel-eng.h"
#include "cr-node-iface.h"
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struct  _CRSelEngPriv
struct  CRPseudoClassSelHandlerEntry


#define PRIVATE(a_this)   (a_this)->priv


static gboolean additional_selector_matches_node (CRSelEng *a_this, CRAdditionalSel *a_add_sel, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
static gboolean attr_add_sel_matches_node (CRAdditionalSel *a_add_sel, CRNodeIface const *a_node_iface, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
static gboolean class_add_sel_matches_node (CRAdditionalSel *a_add_sel, CRNodeIface const *a_node_iface, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
void cr_sel_eng_destroy (CRSelEng *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_get_matched_properties_from_cascade (CRSelEng *a_this, CRCascade *a_cascade, CRXMLNodePtr a_node, CRPropList **a_props)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_get_matched_rulesets (CRSelEng *a_this, CRStyleSheet *a_sheet, CRXMLNodePtr a_node, CRStatement ***a_rulesets, gulong *a_len)
static enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_get_matched_rulesets_real (CRSelEng *a_this, CRStyleSheet *a_stylesheet, CRXMLNodePtr a_node, CRStatement **a_rulesets, gulong *a_len)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_get_matched_style (CRSelEng *a_this, CRCascade *a_cascade, CRXMLNodePtr a_node, CRStyle *a_parent_style, CRStyle **a_style, gboolean a_set_props_to_initial_values)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_get_pseudo_class_selector_handler (CRSelEng *a_this, char *a_name, enum CRPseudoType a_type, CRPseudoClassSelectorHandler *a_handler)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_matches_node (CRSelEng *a_this, CRSimpleSel *a_sel, CRXMLNodePtr a_node, gboolean *a_result)
CRSelEng * cr_sel_eng_new (void)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_register_pseudo_class_sel_handler (CRSelEng *a_this, char *a_name, enum CRPseudoType a_type, CRPseudoClassSelectorHandler a_handler)
void cr_sel_eng_set_node_iface (CRSelEng *const a_this, CRNodeIface const *const a_node_iface)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_unregister_all_pseudo_class_sel_handlers (CRSelEng *a_this)
enum CRStatus cr_sel_eng_unregister_pseudo_class_sel_handler (CRSelEng *a_this, char *a_name, enum CRPseudoType a_type)
static gboolean first_child_pseudo_class_handler (CRSelEng *a_this, CRAdditionalSel *a_sel, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
static CRXMLNodePtr get_next_child_element_node (CRNodeIface const *a_node_iface, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
static CRXMLNodePtr get_next_element_node (CRNodeIface const *a_node_iface, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
static CRXMLNodePtr get_next_parent_element_node (CRNodeIface const *a_node_iface, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
static CRXMLNodePtr get_prev_element_node (CRNodeIface const *a_node_iface, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
static gboolean id_add_sel_matches_node (CRAdditionalSel *a_add_sel, CRNodeIface const *a_node_iface, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
static gboolean lang_pseudo_class_handler (CRSelEng *a_this, CRAdditionalSel *a_sel, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
static gboolean pseudo_class_add_sel_matches_node (CRSelEng *a_this, CRAdditionalSel *a_add_sel, CRXMLNodePtr a_node)
static enum CRStatus put_css_properties_in_props_list (CRPropList **a_props, CRStatement *a_ruleset)
static enum CRStatus sel_matches_node_real (CRSelEng *a_this, CRSimpleSel *a_sel, CRXMLNodePtr a_node, gboolean *a_result, gboolean a_eval_sel_list_from_end, gboolean a_recurse)
static void set_style_from_props (CRStyle *a_style, CRPropList *a_props)

Detailed Description

The definition of the CRSelEng class. The CRSelEng is actually the "Selection Engine" class. This is highly experimental for at the moment and its api is very likely to change in a near future.

Definition in file cr-sel-eng.c.

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