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CRParser* cr_parser_new_from_buf ( guchar *  a_buf,
gulong  a_len,
enum CREncoding  a_enc,
gboolean  a_free_buf 

Instanciates a new parser from a memory buffer.

a_bufthe buffer to parse.
a_lenthe length of the data in the buffer.
a_encthe encoding of the input buffer a_buf.
a_free_bufif set to TRUE, a_buf will be freed during the destruction of the newly built instance of CRParser. If set to FALSE, it is up to the caller to eventually free it.
the newly built parser, or NULL if an error arises.

Definition at line 2762 of file cr-parser.c.

References cr_input_destroy(), and cr_input_new_from_buf().

Referenced by cr_declaration_parse_from_buf(), cr_declaration_parse_list_from_buf(), cr_statement_at_charset_rule_parse_from_buf(), cr_statement_at_import_rule_parse_from_buf(), cr_statement_at_media_rule_parse_from_buf(), cr_statement_at_page_rule_parse_from_buf(), cr_statement_does_buf_parses_against_core(), cr_statement_font_face_rule_parse_from_buf(), cr_statement_ruleset_parse_from_buf(), and cr_term_parse_expression_from_buf().

        CRParser *result = NULL;
        CRInput *input = NULL;

        g_return_val_if_fail (a_buf, NULL);

        input = cr_input_new_from_buf (a_buf, a_len, a_enc, a_free_buf);
        g_return_val_if_fail (input, NULL);

        result = cr_parser_new_from_input (input);
        if (!result) {
                cr_input_destroy (input);
                input = NULL;
                return NULL;
        return result;

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