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cr-enc-handler.h File Reference

#include "cr-utils.h"
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struct  _CREncHandler


typedef typedefG_BEGIN_DECLS
struct _CREncHandler 
typedef enum CRStatus(* CREncInputFunc )(const guchar *a_in, gulong *a_in_len, guchar *a_out, gulong *a_out_len)
typedef enum CRStatus(* CREncInputStrLenAsUtf8Func )(const guchar *a_in_start, const guchar *a_in_end, gulong *a_in_size)
typedef enum CRStatus(* CREncOutputFunc )(const guchar *a_in, gulong *a_in_len, guchar *a_out, gulong *a_out_len)
typedef enum CRStatus(* CREncUtf8StrLenAsOutputFunc )(const guchar *a_in_start, const guchar *a_in_end, gulong *a_in_size)


enum CRStatus cr_enc_handler_convert_input (CREncHandler *a_this, const guchar *a_in, gulong *a_in_len, guchar **a_out, gulong *a_out_len)
void cr_enc_handler_destroy (CREncHandler *a_enc_hdlr)
CREncHandler * cr_enc_handler_get_instance (enum CREncoding a_enc)
enum CRStatus cr_enc_handler_resolve_enc_alias (const guchar *a_en_alias, enum CREncoding *a_enc)

Detailed Description

The declaration of the CREncHandler class.

Definition in file cr-enc-handler.h.

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