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int Inkscape::Preferences::getInt ( Glib::ustring const &  pref_path,
int  def = 0 
) [inline]

Retrieve an integer.

pref_pathPath to the retrieved preference
defThe default value to return if the preference is not set

Definition at line 292 of file preferences.h.

References getEntry(), and Inkscape::Preferences::Entry::getInt().

Referenced by _namedview_modified(), Inkscape::UI::Dialog::IconPreviewPanel::IconPreviewPanel(), inkscape_autosave(), Inkscape::Extension::ParamInt::ParamInt(), sp_create_window(), sp_dropper_toolbox_prep(), sp_export_dialog(), sp_flood_do_flood_fill(), sp_item_dialog(), sp_lpetool_toolbox_prep(), sp_selection_apply_affine(), sp_selection_set_mask(), sp_ui_build_dyn_menus(), and Inkscape::UI::Dialog::TileDialog::TileDialog().

        return getEntry(pref_path).getInt(def);

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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