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void Inkscape::Extension::Internal::PovOutput::init ( void   ) [static]

Inkscape runtime startup call.

This is the definition of PovRay output. This function just calls the extension system with the memory allocated XML that describes the data.

Definition at line 696 of file pov-out.cpp.

References Inkscape::Extension::build_from_mem().

Referenced by Inkscape::Extension::init().

        "<inkscape-extension xmlns=\"" INKSCAPE_EXTENSION_URI "\">\n"
            "<name>" N_("PovRay Output") "</name>\n"
                "<filetypename>" N_("PovRay (*.pov) (paths and shapes only)") "</filetypename>\n"
                "<filetypetooltip>" N_("PovRay Raytracer File") "</filetypetooltip>\n"
        new PovOutput());

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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