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ShapeEditor Class Reference
Collaboration diagram for ShapeEditor:

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Public Member Functions

void decrement_local_change (SubType type)
ShapeEditorsCollective * get_container ()
Inkscape::NodePath::Path * get_nodepath ()
bool has_local_change (SubType type)
bool has_nodepath ()
bool has_selection ()
bool knot_mouseover ()
 Returns true if this ShapeEditor has a knot above which the mouse currently hovers.
void nodepath_destroyed ()
void restore_nodepath_selection (GList *saved)
GList * save_nodepath_selection ()
void set_item (SPItem *item, SubType type, bool keep_knotholder=false)
 ShapeEditor (SPDesktop *desktop)
void shapeeditor_event_attr_changed (gchar const *name)
void unset_item (SubType type, bool keep_knotholder=false)
void update_knotholder ()

Private Member Functions

const SPItemget_item (SubType type)
bool has_knotholder ()
void reset_item (SubType type, bool keep_knotholder=true)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file shape-editor.h.

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