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std::vector< Glib::ustring > Inkscape::Preferences::getAllDirs ( Glib::ustring const &  path)

Get all subdirectories of the specified directory.

Get the paths to all subdirectories of the specified path.

This will return a vector populated with full paths to the subdirectories present in the specified path.

pathPreference path to query
A vector containing absolute paths to all subdirectories in the given path

Definition at line 390 of file preferences.cpp.

References _getNode(), and Inkscape::XML::Node::firstChild().

Referenced by Inkscape::UI::Dialog::IconPreviewPanel::IconPreviewPanel().

    std::vector<Glib::ustring> temp;
    Inkscape::XML::Node *node = _getNode(path, false);
    if (node) {
        for (Inkscape::XML::NodeSiblingIterator i = node->firstChild(); i; ++i) {
            temp.push_back(path + '/' + i->attribute("id"));
    return temp;

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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