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Inkscape::XML::Node * Inkscape::Preferences::_getNode ( Glib::ustring const &  pref_key,
bool  create = false 
) [private]

Get the XML node corresponding to the given pref key.

pref_keyPreference key (path) to get
createWhether to create the corresponding node if it doesn't exist
separatorThe character used to separate parts of the pref key
XML node corresponding to the specified key

Derived from former inkscape_get_repr(). Private because it assumes that the backend is a flat XML file, which may not be the case e.g. if we are using GConf (in future).

Definition at line 625 of file preferences.cpp.

References _prefs_doc, Inkscape::XML::Node::attribute(), Inkscape::XML::Node::document(), Inkscape::XML::Node::firstChild(), Inkscape::XML::Node::next(), Inkscape::XML::Node::root(), and Inkscape::XML::Node::setAttribute().

Referenced by _findObserverNode(), getAllDirs(), and getAllEntries().

    // verify path
    g_assert( pref_key.at(0) == '/' );
    // No longer necessary, can cause problems with input devices which have a dot in the name
    // g_assert( pref_key.find('.') == Glib::ustring::npos );

    Inkscape::XML::Node *node = _prefs_doc->root();
    Inkscape::XML::Node *child = NULL;
    gchar **splits = g_strsplit(pref_key.c_str(), "/", 0);

    if ( splits ) {
        for (int part_i = 0; splits[part_i]; ++part_i) {
            // skip empty path segments
            if (!splits[part_i][0]) {

            for (child = node->firstChild(); child; child = child->next()) {
                if (!strcmp(splits[part_i], child->attribute("id"))) {

            // If the previous loop found a matching key, child now contains the node
            // matching the processed key part. If no node was found then it is NULL.
            if (!child) {
                if (create) {
                    // create the rest of the key
                    while(splits[part_i]) {
                        child = node->document()->createElement("group");
                        child->setAttribute("id", splits[part_i]);

                        node = child;
                    return node;
                } else {
                    return NULL;

            node = child;
    return node;

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