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MessageId Inkscape::MessageStack::flash ( MessageType  type,
gchar const *  message 

temporarily pushes a message onto the stack

typethe message type
messagethe message text
the id of the pushed message

Definition at line 65 of file message-stack.cpp.

References _push().

Referenced by Inkscape::UI::ClipboardManagerImpl::_userWarn(), do_trace(), Inkscape::LivePathEffect::Effect::doAcceptPathPreparations(), fit_canvas_to_selection(), Inkscape::MessageContext::flash(), flashVF(), Inkscape::Trace::Tracer::getSelectedSPImage(), Inkscape::have_viable_layer(), SPDesktop::next_zoom(), pen_handle_button_press(), pencil_handle_button_release(), Inkscape::LayerVerb::perform(), SPDesktop::prev_zoom(), Inkscape::Trace::Tracer::sioxProcessImage(), sp_file_revert_dialog(), sp_file_vacuum(), sp_flood_do_flood_fill(), sp_knot_handler(), sp_selection_set_mask(), Inkscape::Trace::Potrace::PotraceTracingEngine::traceBrightnessMulti(), Inkscape::Trace::Potrace::PotraceTracingEngine::traceQuant(), and Inkscape::Trace::Tracer::traceThread().

    switch (type) {
    case INFORMATION_MESSAGE: // stay rather long so as to seem permanent, but eventually disappear
        return _push(type, 6000 + 80*strlen(message), message);
    case ERROR_MESSAGE: // pretty important stuff, but temporary
        return _push(type, 4000 + 60*strlen(message), message);
    case WARNING_MESSAGE: // a bit less important than error
        return _push(type, 2000 + 40*strlen(message), message);
    case IMMEDIATE_MESSAGE: // same length as normal, higher priority
        return _push(type, 1000 + 20*strlen(message), message);
    case NORMAL_MESSAGE: // something ephemeral
        return _push(type, 1000 + 20*strlen(message), message);

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