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void SPObject::emitModified ( unsigned int  flags ) [inherited]

Emits a modification notification signal.

flagsindicating what has been modified

Emits the MODIFIED signal with the object's flags. The object's mflags are the original set aside during the update pass for later delivery here. Once emitModified() is called, those flags don't need to be stored any longer.

Definition at line 1416 of file sp-object.cpp.

Referenced by SPGradientImpl::modified().

    /* only the MODIFIED_CASCADE flag is legal here */
    g_return_if_fail(!(flags & ~SP_OBJECT_MODIFIED_CASCADE));

    g_print("Modified %s:%s %x %x %x\n", g_type_name_from_instance((GTypeInstance *) this), SP_OBJECT_ID(this), flags, this->uflags, this->mflags);

    flags |= this->mflags;
    /* We have to clear mflags beforehand, as signal handlers may
     * make changes and therefore queue new modification notifications
     * themselves. */
    this->mflags = 0;

    SPObjectClass *klass=(SPObjectClass *)G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS(this);
    if (klass->modified) {
        klass->modified(this, flags);
    _modified_signal.emit(this, flags);

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