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static void sp_pencil_context_class_init ( SPPencilContextClass klass ) [static]

Initialize SPPencilContext vtable.

Definition at line 98 of file pencil-context.cpp.

References sp_pencil_context_root_handler(), and sp_pencil_context_setup().

Referenced by sp_pencil_context_get_type().

    GObjectClass *object_class;
    SPEventContextClass *event_context_class;

    object_class = (GObjectClass *) klass;
    event_context_class = (SPEventContextClass *) klass;

    pencil_parent_class = (SPDrawContextClass*)g_type_class_peek_parent(klass);

    object_class->dispose = sp_pencil_context_dispose;

    event_context_class->setup = sp_pencil_context_setup;
    event_context_class->root_handler = sp_pencil_context_root_handler;

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