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static void sp_toggle_selector ( SPDesktop dt ) [static]

Toggles current tool between active tool and selector tool. Subroutine of sp_event_context_private_root_handler().

Definition at line 267 of file event-context.cpp.

Referenced by sp_event_context_private_root_handler().

    if (!dt->event_context)

    if (tools_isactive(dt, TOOLS_SELECT)) {
        if (selector_toggled) {
            if (switch_selector_to)
                tools_switch(dt, switch_selector_to);
            selector_toggled = FALSE;
        } else
    } else {
        selector_toggled = TRUE;
        switch_selector_to = tools_active(dt);
        tools_switch(dt, TOOLS_SELECT);

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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