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Inkscape::SnapPreferences Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

gdouble getGridTolerance () const
gdouble getGuideTolerance () const
bool getIncludeItemCenter () const
gdouble getObjectTolerance () const
bool getSnapBBoxEdgeMidpoints () const
bool getSnapBBoxMidpoints () const
bool getSnapEnabledGlobally () const
bool getSnapFrom (Inkscape::SnapSourceType t) const
bool getSnapIntersectionCS () const
bool getSnapIntersectionGG () const
bool getSnapLineMidpoints () const
bool getSnapModeAny () const
bool getSnapModeBBox () const
bool getSnapModeBBoxOrNodes () const
bool getSnapModeGuide () const
bool getSnapModeNode () const
bool getSnapObjectMidpoints () const
bool getSnapPostponedGlobally () const
bool getSnapSmoothNodes () const
bool getSnapToBBoxNode () const
bool getSnapToBBoxPath () const
bool getSnapToGrids () const
bool getSnapToGuides () const
bool getSnapToItemNode () const
bool getSnapToItemPath () const
bool getSnapToPageBorder () const
bool getStrictSnapping () const
void setGridTolerance (gdouble val)
void setGuideTolerance (gdouble val)
void setIncludeItemCenter (bool enabled)
void setObjectTolerance (gdouble val)
void setSnapBBoxEdgeMidpoints (bool enabled)
void setSnapBBoxMidpoints (bool enabled)
void setSnapEnabledGlobally (bool enabled)
void setSnapFrom (Inkscape::SnapSourceType t, bool s)
void setSnapIntersectionCS (bool enabled)
void setSnapIntersectionGG (bool enabled)
void setSnapLineMidpoints (bool enabled)
void setSnapModeBBox (bool enabled)
void setSnapModeGuide (bool enabled)
void setSnapModeNode (bool enabled)
void setSnapObjectMidpoints (bool enabled)
void setSnapPostponedGlobally (bool postponed)
void setSnapSmoothNodes (bool enabled)
void setSnapToBBoxNode (bool s)
void setSnapToBBoxPath (bool s)
void setSnapToGrids (bool enabled)
void setSnapToGuides (bool enabled)
void setSnapToItemNode (bool s)
void setSnapToItemPath (bool s)
void setSnapToPageBorder (bool s)

Private Attributes

bool _bbox_edge_midpoints
bool _bbox_midpoints
gdouble _grid_tolerance
gdouble _guide_tolerance
bool _include_item_center
bool _intersectionCS
bool _intersectionGG
bool _line_midpoints
bool _object_midpoints
gdouble _object_tolerance
bool _smoothNodes
bool _snap_enabled_globally
SnapSourceType _snap_from
 bitmap of point types that we will snap from
bool _snap_postponed_globally
bool _snap_to_bboxnode
bool _snap_to_bboxpath
bool _snap_to_grids
bool _snap_to_guides
bool _snap_to_itemnode
bool _snap_to_itempath
bool _snap_to_page_border
bool _strict_snapping

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file snap-preferences.h.

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