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Inkscape::SelTrans Class Reference

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

bool centerIsVisible ()
gboolean centerRequest (Geom::Point &pt, guint state)
void grab (Geom::Point const &p, gdouble x, gdouble y, bool show_handles, bool translating)
void handleClick (SPKnot *knot, guint state, SPSelTransHandle const &handle)
void handleGrab (SPKnot *knot, guint state, SPSelTransHandle const &handle)
void handleNewEvent (SPKnot *knot, Geom::Point *position, guint state, SPSelTransHandle const &handle)
gboolean handleRequest (SPKnot *knot, Geom::Point *position, guint state, SPSelTransHandle const &handle)
void increaseState ()
bool isEmpty ()
bool isGrabbed ()
Inkscape::MessageContextmessageContext ()
void moveTo (Geom::Point const &xy, guint state)
void resetState ()
void rotate (Geom::Point &pt, guint state)
gboolean rotateRequest (Geom::Point &pt, guint state)
void scale (Geom::Point &pt, guint state)
gboolean scaleRequest (Geom::Point &pt, guint state)
 SelTrans (SPDesktop *desktop)
void setCenter (Geom::Point const &p)
void setShow (Show s)
void skew (SPSelTransHandle const &handle, Geom::Point &pt, guint state)
gboolean skewRequest (SPSelTransHandle const &handle, Geom::Point &pt, guint state)
void stamp ()
void stretch (SPSelTransHandle const &handle, Geom::Point &pt, guint state)
gboolean stretchRequest (SPSelTransHandle const &handle, Geom::Point &pt, guint state)
void transform (Geom::Matrix const &rel_affine, Geom::Point const &norm)
void ungrab ()

Private Types


Private Member Functions

Geom::Point _calcAbsAffineDefault (Geom::Scale const default_scale)
Geom::Point _calcAbsAffineGeom (Geom::Scale const geom_scale)
void _display_snapsource ()
Geom::Point _getGeomHandlePos (Geom::Point const &visual_handle_pos)
void _keepClosestPointOnly (std::vector< Inkscape::SnapCandidatePoint > &points, const Geom::Point &reference)
void _selChanged (Inkscape::Selection *selection)
void _selModified (Inkscape::Selection *selection, guint flags)
void _showHandles (SPKnot *knot[], SPSelTransHandle const handle[], gint num, gchar const *even_tip, gchar const *odd_tip)
void _updateHandles ()
void _updateVolatileState ()

Private Attributes

Geom::Matrix _absolute_affine
Geom::OptRect _approximate_bbox
Geom::OptRect _bbox
< Inkscape::SnapCandidatePoint
< Inkscape::SnapCandidatePoint
boost::optional< Geom::Point_center
bool _center_is_set
 we've already set _center, no need to reread it from items
bool _changed
Geom::Matrix _current_relative_affine
bool _empty
Geom::OptRect _geometric_bbox
bool _grabbed
gdouble _handle_x
gdouble _handle_y
std::vector< SPItem * > _items
std::vector< Geom::Matrix_items_affines
std::vector< Geom::Point_items_centers
std::vector< SPItem const * > _items_const
SPCanvasItem_l [4]
Inkscape::MessageContext _message_context
Geom::Point _opposite
 opposite point to where a scale is taking place
Geom::Point _opposite_for_bboxpoints
Geom::Point _opposite_for_specpoints
Geom::Point _origin
 position of origin for transforms
Geom::Point _origin_for_bboxpoints
Geom::Point _origin_for_specpoints
Geom::Point _point
 original position of the knot being used for the current transform
Geom::Point _point_geom
 original position of the knot being used for the current transform
Geom::Matrix _relative_affine
SPKnot_rhandle [8]
sigc::connection _sel_changed_connection
guint _sel_changed_id
sigc::connection _sel_modified_connection
guint _sel_modified_id
Inkscape::SelCue _selcue
SPKnot_shandle [8]
Show _show
bool _show_handles
SPItem::BBoxType _snap_bbox_type
< Inkscape::SnapCandidatePoint
GSList * _stamp_cache
State _state
gdouble _strokewidth

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file seltrans.h.

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