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double Inkscape::Preferences::getDoubleLimited ( Glib::ustring const &  pref_path,
double  def = 0.0,
double  min = DBL_MIN,
double  max = DBL_MAX 
) [inline]

Retrieve a limited floating point value.

The default value is returned if the actual value is larger than max or smaller than min.

pref_pathPath to the retrieved preference
defThe default value to return if the preference is not set
minMinimum value to return
maxMaximum value to return

Definition at line 325 of file preferences.h.

References Inkscape::Preferences::Entry::getDoubleLimited(), and getEntry().

Referenced by Inkscape::UI::ControlPointSelection::_keyboardMove(), Inkscape::ZoomVerb::perform(), and sp_event_context_private_root_handler().

        return getEntry(pref_path).getDoubleLimited(def, min, max);

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