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text-edit.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Text editing dialog.

Definition in file text-edit.cpp.

#include <libnrtype/font-instance.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include "macros.h"
#include <glibmm/i18n.h>
#include "helper/window.h"
#include "../widgets/font-selector.h"
#include "../inkscape.h"
#include "../document.h"
#include "../desktop-style.h"
#include "../desktop-handles.h"
#include "../selection.h"
#include "../style.h"
#include "../sp-text.h"
#include "../sp-flowtext.h"
#include "../text-editing.h"
#include "../ui/icon-names.h"
#include <libnrtype/font-style-to-pos.h>
#include "dialog-events.h"
#include "../preferences.h"
#include "../verbs.h"
#include "../interface.h"
#include "svg/css-ostringstream.h"
#include "widgets/icon.h"
#include <xml/repr.h>

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#define VB_MARGIN   4


SPCSSAttr * sp_get_text_dialog_style ()
static unsigned sp_ted_get_selected_text_count (void)
static SPItemsp_ted_get_selected_text_item (void)
void sp_text_edit_dialog (void)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_any_toggled (GtkToggleButton *tb, GtkWidget *dlg)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_apply (GtkButton *button, GtkWidget *dlg)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_close (GtkButton *button, GtkWidget *dlg)
void sp_text_edit_dialog_default_set_insensitive ()
static gboolean sp_text_edit_dialog_delete (GtkObject *, GdkEvent *, gpointer)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_destroy (GtkObject *, gpointer)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_font_changed (SPFontSelector *fontsel, font_instance *font, GtkWidget *dlg)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_line_spacing_changed (GtkEditable *editable, GtkWidget *dlg)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_read_selection (GtkWidget *dlg, gboolean style, gboolean content)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_selection_changed (Inkscape::Application *inkscape, Inkscape::Selection *sel, GtkWidget *dlg)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_selection_modified (Inkscape::Application *inkscape, Inkscape::Selection *sel, guint flags, GtkWidget *dlg)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_set_default (GtkButton *button, GtkWidget *dlg)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_subselection_changed (Inkscape::Application *inkscape, SPDesktop *desktop, GtkWidget *dlg)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_text_changed (GtkTextBuffer *tb, GtkWidget *dlg)
static void sp_text_edit_dialog_update_object_text (SPItem *text)
gboolean text_view_focus_in (GtkWidget *, GdkEventKey *, gpointer data)
gboolean text_view_focus_out (GtkWidget *, GdkEventKey *, gpointer data)


static GtkWidget * dlg = NULL
static gint h = 0
static Glib::ustring const prefs_path = "/dialogs/textandfont/"
static const gchar * spacings [] = {"50%", "80%", "90%", "100%", "110%", "120%", "130%", "140%", "150%", "200%", "300%", NULL}
static gint w = 0
static win_data wd
static gint x = -1000
static gint y = -1000

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