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router.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Contains the interface for the Router class.

Definition in file router.h.

#include <list>
#include <utility>
#include <string>
#include "libavoid/shape.h"
#include "libavoid/viscluster.h"
#include "libavoid/graph.h"
#include "libavoid/timer.h"
#include "libavoid/connector.h"

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namespace  Avoid


class  Avoid::Router
 The Router class represents a libavoid router instance. More...


typedef std::list< ActionInfo > Avoid::ActionInfoList
typedef std::list< unsigned int > Avoid::IntList


enum  Avoid::PenaltyType {
  Avoid::segmentPenalty = 0, Avoid::anglePenalty, Avoid::crossingPenalty, Avoid::clusterCrossingPenalty,
  Avoid::fixedSharedPathPenalty, lastPenaltyMarker
 Types of penalty cases that can be used to improve the quality of the connector routes produced. More...
enum  Avoid::RouterFlag { Avoid::PolyLineRouting = 1, Avoid::OrthogonalRouting = 2 }
 Flags that can be passed to the router during initialisation to specify options. More...


static const double Avoid::chooseSensiblePenalty = -1
static const double Avoid::noPenalty = 0
static const unsigned int Avoid::runningFrom = 2
static const unsigned int Avoid::runningTo = 1
static const unsigned int Avoid::runningToAndFrom = runningTo | runningFrom

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