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geomtypes.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Contains the interface for various geometry types and classes.

Definition in file geomtypes.h.

#include <vector>
#include <utility>

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namespace  Avoid


class  Avoid::Edge
 A line between two points. More...
class  Avoid::Point
 The Point class defines a point in the plane. More...
class  Avoid::Polygon
 A dynamic Polygon, to which points can be easily added and removed. More...
class  Avoid::PolygonInterface
 A common interface used by the Polygon classes. More...
class  Avoid::Rectangle
 A Rectangle, a simpler way to define the polygon for square or rectangular shapes. More...
class  Avoid::ReferencingPolygon
 A Polygon which just references its points from other Polygons. More...


typedef Edge Avoid::BBox
 A bounding box, represented with an Edge between top-left and bottom-right corners.
typedef Polygon Avoid::PolyLine
 A multi-segment line, represented with the Polygon class.
typedef Point Avoid::Vector
 A vector, represented by the Point class.


static const unsigned short Avoid::kUnassignedVertexNumber = 8

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