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void Inkscape::XML::SimpleNode::setPosition ( int  pos  )  [virtual, inherited]

Set the position of this node in parent's child order.

To move the node to the end of the parent's child order, pass a negative argument.

pos The new position in parent's child order

Implements Inkscape::XML::Node.

Definition at line 486 of file simple-node.cpp.

References Inkscape::XML::SimpleNode::_first_child, Inkscape::XML::SimpleNode::_next, and Inkscape::XML::SimpleNode::changeOrder().

    g_return_if_fail(_parent != NULL);

    // a position beyond the end of the list means the end of the list;
    // a negative position is the same as an infinitely large position

    SimpleNode *ref=NULL;
    for ( SimpleNode *sibling = _parent->_first_child ;
          sibling && pos ; sibling = sibling->_next )
        if ( sibling != this ) {
            ref = sibling;

    _parent->changeOrder(this, ref);

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