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bool Inkscape::Extension::ParamBool::set ( bool  in,
SPDocument doc,
Inkscape::XML::Node node 

A function to set the _value.

in The value to set to
doc A document that should be used to set the value.
node The node where the value may be placed
This function sets the internal value, but it also sets the value in the preferences structure. To put it in the right place, PREF_DIR and pref_name() are used.

Definition at line 56 of file bool.cpp.

References _value, Inkscape::Extension::extension_pref_root, Inkscape::Preferences::get(), Inkscape::Extension::Parameter::pref_name(), and Inkscape::Preferences::setBool().

Referenced by Inkscape::Extension::ParamBoolCheckButton::on_toggle(), and Inkscape::Extension::Parameter::set_bool().

    _value = in;

    gchar * prefname = this->pref_name();
    Inkscape::Preferences *prefs = Inkscape::Preferences::get();
    prefs->setBool(extension_pref_root + prefname, _value);

    return _value;

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