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template<typename T>
List< T >::reference Inkscape::Util::first ( List< T > const &  list  )  [inline]

Returns the first value in a linked list.

Returns a reference to the first value in the list. This corresponds to the value of the first argument passed to cons().

If the list holds mutable values (or references to them), first() can be used as an lvalue.

For example:

first(list) = value;

The results of calling this on an empty list are undefined.

See also:


list the list; cannot be empty
a reference to the first value in the list

Definition at line 320 of file list.h.

Referenced by Inkscape::UI::PathManipulator::_updateDragPoint(), Inkscape::Selection::center(), Geom::hausdorfl(), Geom::ConvexHull::is_clockwise(), Inkscape::UI::PathManipulator::shiftSelection(), sp_css_attr_scale_property_list(), and Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::SwatchesPanel::SwatchesPanel().

    return list._cell->value;

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