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static void sp_lpe_item_update ( SPObject object,
SPCtx ctx,
guint  flags 
) [static]

Receives update notifications.

Definition at line 242 of file sp-lpe-item.cpp.

References SPEventContext::shape_editor, and sp_nodepath_update_helperpaths().

    if (((SPObjectClass *) parent_class)->update) {
        ((SPObjectClass *) parent_class)->update(object, ctx, flags);

    // update the helperpaths of all LPEs applied to the item
    // TODO: is there a more canonical place for this, since we don't have instant access to the item's nodepath?
    // FIXME: this is called multiple (at least 3) times; how can we avoid this?

    // FIXME: ditch inkscape_active_event_context()
    SPEventContext *ec = inkscape_active_event_context();
    if (!SP_IS_NODE_CONTEXT(ec)) return;
    ShapeEditor *sh = ec->shape_editor;
    if (!sh->has_nodepath()) return;

    Inkscape::NodePath::Path *np = sh->get_nodepath();

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