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void sp_knot_start_dragging ( SPKnot knot,
Geom::Point const &  p,
gint  x,
gint  y,
guint32  etime 

Update knot for dragging and tell canvas an item was grabbed.

Definition at line 263 of file knot.cpp.

References SPKnot::cursor, SPKnot::drag_origin, SPKnot::grabbed_rel_pos, SPKnot::item, SPKnot::pos, sp_canvas_item_grab(), and sp_knot_set_flag().

Referenced by GrDrag::grabKnot(), and sp_knot_handler().

    // save drag origin
    xp = x;
    yp = y;
    within_tolerance = true;

    knot->grabbed_rel_pos = p - knot->pos;
    knot->drag_origin = knot->pos;
    if (!nograb) {
    sp_knot_set_flag(knot, SP_KNOT_GRABBED, TRUE);
    grabbed = TRUE;

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