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dialogs Directory Reference

Directory dependency graph for inkscape-0.47pre4/src/dialogs/:


file  clonetiler.cpp [code]
file  clonetiler.h [code]

Clone tiling dialog.

file  dialog-events.cpp [code]

Event handler for dialog windows.

file  dialog-events.h [code]

Event handler for dialog windows.

file  export.cpp [code]

PNG export dialog.

file  export.h [code]

export to bitmap dialog

file  find.cpp [code]

Find dialog.

file  find.h [code]

Find dialog.

file  input.cpp [code]

Extended input devices dialog.

file  input.h [code]

Extended input device dialog.

file  item-properties.cpp [code]

Object properties dialog.

file  item-properties.h [code]

Display settings dialog.

file  object-attributes.cpp [code]

Generic properties editor.

file  object-attributes.h [code]

Generic object attribute editor.

file  spellcheck.cpp [code]

Spellcheck dialog.

file  spellcheck.h [code]

Spellcheck dialog.

file  text-edit.cpp [code]

Text editing dialog.

file  text-edit.h [code]


file  xml-tree.cpp [code]

XML editor.

file  xml-tree.h [code]

XML tree editing dialog for Inkscape.

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