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TextTagAttributes Class Reference

contains and manages the attributes common to all types of text tag More...

#include <text-tag-attributes.h>

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Public Member Functions

void addToDxDy (unsigned index, Geom::Point const &adjust)
void addToRotate (unsigned index, double delta)
bool anyAttributesSet () const
void erase (unsigned start_index, unsigned n)
Geom::Point firstXY () const
void insert (unsigned start_index, unsigned n)
void join (TextTagAttributes const &first, TextTagAttributes const &second, unsigned second_index)
void mergeInto (Inkscape::Text::Layout::OptionalTextTagAttrs *output, Inkscape::Text::Layout::OptionalTextTagAttrs const &parent_attrs, unsigned parent_attrs_offset, bool copy_xy, bool copy_dxdyrotate) const
void readFrom (Inkscape::XML::Node const *node)
 Fill in all the fields of attributes from the given node.
bool readSingleAttribute (unsigned key, gchar const *value)
void setFirstXY (Geom::Point &point)
bool singleXYCoordinates () const
void split (unsigned index, TextTagAttributes *second)
 TextTagAttributes (Inkscape::Text::Layout::OptionalTextTagAttrs const &attrs)
void transform (Geom::Matrix const &matrix, double scale_x, double scale_y, bool extend_zero_length=false)
void writeTo (Inkscape::XML::Node *node) const
 Write out all the contents of attributes to the given node.

Static Private Member Functions

static void eraseSingleAttribute (std::vector< SVGLength > *attr_vector, unsigned start_index, unsigned n)
 Does the work for erase().
static void insertSingleAttribute (std::vector< SVGLength > *attr_vector, unsigned start_index, unsigned n, bool is_xy)
 Does the work for insert().
static void joinSingleAttribute (std::vector< SVGLength > *dest_vector, std::vector< SVGLength > const &first_vector, std::vector< SVGLength > const &second_vector, unsigned second_index)
 Does the work for join().
static void mergeSingleAttribute (std::vector< SVGLength > *output_list, std::vector< SVGLength > const &parent_list, unsigned parent_offset, std::vector< SVGLength > const *overlay_list=NULL)
static void splitSingleAttribute (std::vector< SVGLength > *first_vector, unsigned index, std::vector< SVGLength > *second_vector, bool trimZeros)
 Does the work for split().
static void writeSingleAttribute (Inkscape::XML::Node *node, gchar const *key, std::vector< SVGLength > const &attr_vector)

Private Attributes

Inkscape::Text::Layout::OptionalTextTagAttrs attributes
 This holds the actual values.

Detailed Description

contains and manages the attributes common to all types of text tag

The five attributes x, y, dx, dy and rotate (todo: textlength, lengthadjust) are permitted on all of text, tspan and textpath elements so we need a class to abstract the management of those attributes from the actual type of the element.

Definition at line 23 of file text-tag-attributes.h.

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