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SPTRefReference Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void attach (const URI &uri) throw (BadURIException)
sigc::signal< void, SPObject
*, SPObject * > 
changedSignal ()
void detach ()
SPItemgetObject () const
 Returns a pointer to the current referrent of the attached URI, or NULL.
SPObjectgetOwner () const
 Returns a pointer to the URIReference's owner.
SPDocumentgetOwnerDocument ()
SPObjectgetOwnerObject ()
const URI * getURI () const
bool isAttached () const
virtual void notifyAttributeChanged (Inkscape::XML::Node &node, GQuark name, Inkscape::Util::ptr_shared< char > old_value, Inkscape::Util::ptr_shared< char > new_value)
 Attribute change callback.
virtual void notifyChildAdded (Inkscape::XML::Node &node, Inkscape::XML::Node &child, Inkscape::XML::Node *prev)
 Child addition callback.
virtual void notifyChildOrderChanged (Inkscape::XML::Node &node, Inkscape::XML::Node &child, Inkscape::XML::Node *old_prev, Inkscape::XML::Node *new_prev)
 Child order change callback.
virtual void notifyChildRemoved (Inkscape::XML::Node &node, Inkscape::XML::Node &child, Inkscape::XML::Node *prev)
 Child removal callback.
virtual void notifyContentChanged (Inkscape::XML::Node &node, Inkscape::Util::ptr_shared< char > old_content, Inkscape::Util::ptr_shared< char > new_content)
 Content change callback.
 SPTRefReference (SPObject *owner)
void updateObserver ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool _acceptObject (SPObject *obj) const

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file sp-tref-reference.h.

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