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Inkscape::SnappedCurve Class Reference

Class describing the result of an attempt to snap to a curve. More...

#include <snapped-curve.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool getAlwaysSnap () const
bool getAtIntersection () const
bool getFullyConstrained () const
Geom::Point getPoint () const
void getPoint (Geom::Point &p) const
Geom::Coord getPointerDistance () const
bool getSecondAlwaysSnap () const
Geom::Coord getSecondSnapDistance () const
Geom::Coord getSecondTolerance () const
Geom::Coord getSnapDistance () const
bool getSnapped () const
SnapSourceType getSource () const
SnapTargetType getTarget () const
Geom::Coord getTolerance () const
Geom::Point getTransformation () const
Inkscape::SnappedPoint intersect (SnappedCurve const &curve, Geom::Point const &p, Geom::Matrix dt2doc) const
bool isOtherSnapBetter (SnappedPoint const &other_one, bool weighted) const
void setPointerDistance (Geom::Coord const d)
void setSecondSnapDistance (Geom::Coord const d)
void setSnapDistance (Geom::Coord const d)
void setSource (SnapSourceType const source)
void setTarget (SnapTargetType const target)
void setTransformation (Geom::Point const t)
 SnappedCurve (Geom::Point const &snapped_point, Geom::Coord const &snapped_distance, Geom::Coord const &snapped_tolerance, bool const &always_snap, bool const &fully_constrained, Geom::Curve const *curve, SnapSourceType source, SnapTargetType target)

Protected Attributes

bool _always_snap
bool _at_intersection
Geom::Coord _distance
bool _fully_constrained
Geom::Point _point
Geom::Coord _pointer_distance
bool _second_always_snap
Geom::Coord _second_distance
Geom::Coord _second_tolerance
SnapSourceType _source
SnapTargetType _target
Geom::Coord _tolerance
Geom::Point _transformation

Private Attributes

Geom::Curve const * _curve

Detailed Description

Class describing the result of an attempt to snap to a curve.

Definition at line 23 of file snapped-curve.h.

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