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template<typename T>
Piecewise< T > Geom::lerp ( double  t,
Piecewise< T > const &  a,
Piecewise< T >  b 
) [inline]

Interpolates between a and b.

a if t = 0, b if t = 1, or an interpolation between a and b for t in [0,1]

Definition at line 782 of file piecewise.h.

References Geom::Piecewise< T >::cuts, Geom::Piecewise< T >::domain(), partition(), and Geom::Piecewise< T >::setDomain().

    // Make sure both paths have the same number of segments and cuts at the same locations
    Piecewise<T> pA = partition(a, b.cuts);
    Piecewise<T> pB = partition(b, a.cuts);

    return (pA*(1-t)  +  pB*t);

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