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virtual Node* Inkscape::XML::Node::root (  )  [pure virtual]

Get the root node of this node's document.

This method works on any node that is part of an XML document, and returns the root node of the document in which it resides. For detached node hierarchies (i.e. nodes that are not descendants of a document node) this method returns the highest-level element node. For detached non-element nodes this method returns NULL.

A pointer to the root element node, or NULL if the node is detached

Implemented in Inkscape::XML::SimpleNode, and Inkscape::XML::SimpleNode.

Referenced by Inkscape::Preferences::_getNode(), Inkscape::Preferences::_load(), Inkscape::Extension::build_from_reprdoc(), Inkscape::Extension::PrefDialog::PrefDialog(), sp_document_new(), and sp_process_file_list().

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