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Inkscape::NodePath::Path Class Reference

#include <nodepath.h>

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Detailed Description

This is a collection of subpaths which contain nodes

In the following data model. Nodepaths are made up of subpaths which are comprised of nodes.

Nodes are linked thus:

           n              other
    node -----> nodeside ------> node            

Definition at line 218 of file nodepath.h.

Public Member Functions

guint numSelected ()
guint numSelected ()
 Path ()
 Path ()
void selection (std::list< Node * > &l)
void selection (std::list< Node * > &l)
Geom::PointsingleSelectedCoords ()
Geom::PointsingleSelectedCoords ()
 ~Path ()
 ~Path ()

Public Attributes

SPCurve * curve
Geom::Matrix d2i
Geom::Point drag_origin_mouse
 Location of mouse pointer when we started dragging, needed for snapping.
 draw a "sketch" of the path by using these variables
HelperPathList helper_path_vec
guint32 helperpath_rgba
gdouble helperpath_width
Geom::Matrix i2d
unsigned int local_change
 true if we changed repr, to tell this change from an external one such as from undo, simplify, or another desktop
gchar * repr_key
gchar * repr_nodetypes_key
GList * selected
ShapeEditor * shape_editor
bool show_handles
 true if we're showing selected nodes' handles
bool show_helperpath
bool straight_path
 true if the path cannot contain curves, just straight lines
GList * subpaths

Static Public Attributes

static Nodeactive_node = NULL

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