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SPItemClass Struct Reference

#include <sp-item.h>

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Detailed Description

The SPItem vtable.

Definition at line 177 of file sp-item.h.

Public Attributes

void(* bbox )(SPItem const *item, NRRect *bbox, Geom::Matrix const &transform, unsigned const flags)
void(* convert_to_guides )(SPItem *item)
gchar *(* description )(SPItem *item)
gint(* event )(SPItem *item, SPEvent *event)
void(* hide )(SPItem *item, unsigned int key)
SPObjectClass parent_class
void(* print )(SPItem *item, SPPrintContext *ctx)
Geom::Matrix(* set_transform )(SPItem *item, Geom::Matrix const &transform)
NRArenaItem *(* show )(SPItem *item, NRArena *arena, unsigned int key, unsigned int flags)
void(* snappoints )(SPItem const *item, bool const target, SnapPointsWithType &p, Inkscape::SnapPreferences const *snapprefs)

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