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template<typename R>
static R& Inkscape::GC::release ( R &  r  )  [inline, static]

Decrements the reference count of a anchored object.

This function template generates functions which take a reference to a anchored object of a given type, increment that object's reference count, and return a reference to the object of the same type as the function's parameter.

The return value is safe to use since the object, even if its refcount has reached zero, will not actually be collected until there are no references to it in local variables or parameters.

m a reference to a anchored object
the reference to the object

Definition at line 137 of file gc-anchored.h.

Referenced by Inkscape::UI::ClipboardManagerImpl::_copyNode(), Inkscape::UI::ClipboardManagerImpl::_createInternalClipboard(), Inkscape::Preferences::_load(), Inkscape::Extension::build_from_file(), Inkscape::Extension::build_from_mem(), Inkscape::UI::ClipboardManagerImpl::copyPathParameter(), do_trace(), Inkscape::Extension::Internal::Grid::effect(), Inkscape::Extension::Internal::BlurEdge::effect(), file_import(), rdf_set_license(), SPObject::releaseReferences(), SPObject::setTitleOrDesc(), sp_desktop_widget_destroy(), sp_filter_write(), sp_gradient_repr_write_vector(), sp_gradient_write(), sp_marker_prev_new(), sp_repr_do_read(), sp_repr_document_new(), sp_style_read_from_prefs(), sp_svg_view_widget_init(), sp_tref_convert_to_tspan(), sp_view_widget_destroy(), SPDesktop::SPDesktop(), stamp_repr(), Inkscape::Trace::Tracer::traceThread(), Inkscape::Extension::Dependency::~Dependency(), and Inkscape::Extension::Extension::~Extension().

    static_cast<Anchored const &>(const_cast<R const &>(r)).release();
    return r;

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