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_CRStyle Struct Reference

#include <cr-style.h>

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Detailed Description

The css2 style class. Contains computed and actual values inferred from the declarations found in the stylesheets. See css2 spec chapter 6.

Definition at line 230 of file cr-style.h.

Public Attributes

enum CRBorderStyle border_style_props [NB_BORDER_STYLE_PROPS]
enum CRDisplayType display
enum CRFloatType float_type
CRFontFamily * font_family
CRFontSizeVal font_size
CRFontSizeAdjust * font_size_adjust
enum CRFontStretch font_stretch
enum CRFontStyle font_style
enum CRFontVariant font_variant
enum CRFontWeight font_weight
gboolean inherited_props_resolved
CRNumPropVal num_props [NB_NUM_PROPS]
CRStyle * parent_style
enum CRPositionType position
gulong ref_count
CRRgbPropVal rgb_props [NB_RGB_PROPS]
enum CRWhiteSpaceType white_space

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