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Geom::Matrix sp_item_i2doc_affine ( SPItem const *  item  ) 

Returns the accumulated transformation of the item and all its ancestors, including root's viewport.

(item != NULL) and SP_IS_ITEM(item).

Definition at line 1560 of file sp-item.cpp.

Referenced by Inkscape::UI::ClipboardManagerImpl::_copySelection(), Inkscape::UI::ClipboardManagerImpl::_pasteDocument(), Inkscape::Selection::boundsInDocument(), do_trace(), file_import(), Inkscape::UI::Dialog::TileDialog::Grid_Arrange(), sp_desktop_apply_css_recursive(), sp_item_i2d_affine(), sp_marker_prev_new(), and take_style_from_item().

    return i2anc_affine(item, NULL);

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