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static void spdc_endpoint_snap ( SPPencilContext const *  pc,
Geom::Point p,
guint const   state 
) [static]

Snaps new node relative to the previous node.

Definition at line 164 of file pencil-context.cpp.

References SPPencilContext::p.

    if ((state & GDK_CONTROL_MASK)) { //CTRL enables constrained snapping
        spdc_endpoint_snap_rotation(pc, p, pc->p[0], state);
    } else {
        if (!(state & GDK_SHIFT_MASK)) { //SHIFT disables all snapping, except the angular snapping above
                                         //After all, the user explicitely asked for angular snapping by
                                         //pressing CTRL
            spdc_endpoint_snap_free(pc, p, state);

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