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CRNum* cr_num_new_with_val ( gdouble  a_val,
enum CRNumType  a_type 

A constructor of CRNum.

a_is_natural indicates whether the intance of CRNum is a natural number or not.
a_integer_part the integer part of the instance of CRNum
a_decimal_part in case the instance of CRNum natural number (but a decimal one) this parameter is the decimal part of the instance of CRNum.
the newly built instance of CRNum or NULL if an error arises.

Definition at line 68 of file cr-num.c.

Referenced by cr_tknzr_parse_num().

        CRNum *result = NULL;

        result = cr_num_new ();

        g_return_val_if_fail (result, NULL);

        result->val = a_val;
        result->type = a_type;

        return result;

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