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guchar cr_input_peek_byte2 ( CRInput a_this,
gulong  a_offset,
gboolean *  a_eof 

Same as cr_input_peek_byte() but with a simplified interface.

a_this the current byte input stream.
a_offset the offset of the byte to peek, starting from the current input position pointer.
a_eof out parameter. Is set to true is we reach end of stream. If set to NULL by the caller, this parameter is not taken in account.
the read byte or 0 if something bad happened.

Definition at line 800 of file cr-input.c.

Referenced by cr_tknzr_peek_byte2().

        guchar result = 0;
        enum CRStatus status = CR_ERROR;

        g_return_val_if_fail (a_this && PRIVATE (a_this), 0);

        if (a_eof)
                *a_eof = FALSE;

        status = cr_input_peek_byte (a_this, CR_SEEK_CUR, a_offset, &result);

        if ((status == CR_END_OF_INPUT_ERROR)
            && a_eof)
                *a_eof = TRUE;

        return result;

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